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No one becomes a yoga teacher to make millions. We all do it because we love it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make a career out of sharing your love of yoga.    
The Circle of Thread Yoga came into existence because of the huge pressures and changes yoga teaching has and is going through.   Technology, borderless access, pricing, billing, competition, administration, social media, real estate costs, marketing, mentorship….  The list goes on.    
Whether you’ve been teaching for decades or whether you have just started, the world of yoga is evolving rapidly and presenting challenges and opportunities to all of us.   
In response, we’ve created a remarkable platform for you to build your yoga business according to your passions, and earn a living focusing on what you love - bringing people together and sharing yoga in community.   
Helping make that happen for you is the whole reason why we built The Circle.   We believe the world needs more yoga, and the world needs your impact.     
And we do it without gouging on fees, without forcing any long t
erm commitments, and without requiring hard dollar investments.  


When you open your personally branded online studio on the Circle platform, here’s what you get, controlled by you and your vision for your business:

Build Meaningful Community

It’s not just a booking and billing system - there are lots of those out there. Instead it’s a platform where you can actually build meaningful, multifaceted relationships with your student community: conduct live regularly scheduled classes, record classes, create a library of classes, host special events like book clubs or seminars, send and receive notices, share multimedia with your community, conduct YTTs, invite special guests, share music playlists….and yes, book and bill too. You decide which tools you want to use to make your vision a reality and deepen your relationships within your community.     

In A Space You Control

Your studio is exclusive to you, any other teaching staff you hire, and your community of students.  That means you aren’t in competition with every other social media post or attention diverting tactic that is everywhere in the rest of the online world. When your students are in your space, they see no ads and you decide the content and tone and environment of your offerings.   You decide if you want to teach two classes a week or twenty.  You decide if you have special events, or invite in guest teachers. You decide if you want to keep classes in your library for anytime-access for your students.  It’s your business to run.  If you already have a bricks and mortar space, we can help you seamlessly integrate your on-line studio for a deeply enhanced personalized offering.  

With No Upfront Costs or Hidden, or Add-On Fees

The Circle works on a membership based model, and you decide the price you’d like to charge your students depending on your offer.  Your fees to use the Circle platform are fixed, based on a per-student monthly basis, and includes everything you need to run your business.   You have the flexibility to charge extra for special events or YTTs if you feel you’d like to.  We cover credit card processing fees, Zoom fees, and all the costs associated with maintaining and enhancing the platform - nothing to surprise you, no unexpected fees as your business grows. Your costs are predictable, and incredibly reasonable.     

Access A Community Of Peers

We are yoga teachers ourselves, and of course, everyone who opens a studio on the Circle platform is too.   If you want, you can connect with your fellow studio owners for inspiration, idea sharing, support and kinship. We create opportunities - online and in-person  - to make that happen. And, if you choose to, you can offer your students the ability to enjoy Circle-wide programming created by us that is available for any studio owner to share with their community of students.   If you do, we’ll feature you and your studio in the Circle-wide space.    It’s a huge extra value if you decide to offer it, but you are not obliged to of course.   
Enjoy Ongoing Support

In addition to regular peer to peer conversations and access to the Circle team members, we have created a host of tutorials available to you anytime to make opening and running your studio on our very straightforward platform easy and logistical. We host special events on marketing, business development, and mentorship.  And, you have access anytime to seasoned yoga instructors for your own personal practice when you need to nourish yourself on the mat.


The Circle Solution

For an absolutely relaxed, informative, no-pressure conversation to share more details about how we can make your yoga teaching dreams a reality, CLICK HERE.

We can also give you a demonstration of the platform, and take you through one of the on-line studios.

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