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Ed Van Hooydonk

  • Sales & Relationship Manager

  • Yoga Practitioner

My Story

I’ve had a varied career, largely in technology sales working for a number of great global brands. That career, which continues today, taught me the value of service to others. The mindset of wanting to help, led me inadvertently to my yoga practice. I was 56 when I started my yoga journey, and it has enriched my life in ways I could not have imagined. It helped me to see that I longed for a different path. I joined the Circle of Thread Yoga because I knew in my heart that yoga could help change the world - one person, one practice - at a time. For me, yoga is certainly part of my personal path. And, it feeds a desire to help spread the benefits of yoga and mindfulness - one studio, one teacher - at a time, here at The Circle. I’d love to learn more about your studio and your aspirations to do that, too.

For an absolutely relaxed, informative, no-pressure conversation to share more details about how we can make your yoga teaching dreams a reality, CLICK HERE.

We can also give you a demonstration of the platform, and take you through one of the on-line studios.

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