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Michelle Dalbec

  • Co - Founder

  • Co - Owner 

  • Yoga Teacher

  • Meditation Teacher

  • Yoga Teacher Trainer

My Story

Michelle Dalbec has dedicated over two decades to the art and science of yoga, serving as a compassionate guide on transformative journeys toward physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Firmly rooted in a teaching philosophy that recognizes yoga as a holistic path to self-discovery and personal growth, Michelle empowers students to embrace their inner wisdom, cultivating compassionate presence and connecting with their deepest desires. Her diverse teaching experience spans yoga mats, meditation cushions, dance floors, and the serenity of nature, reaching students in gyms, Olympic training facilities, church basements, private homes, and renowned yoga studios. In addition to instructing at North America's largest yoga center, Michelle has been a pioneer in the digital yoga revolution, extending her expertise to a global online audience. As a teacher of teachers for the past 15 years, Michelle's unwavering support and mentorship have nurtured new generations of dedicated and skilled yoga instructors, shaping the landscape of modern yoga teaching. Her dedication to building online yoga communities underscores her commitment to making yoga more accessible and successful for both instructors and students, showcasing her profound passion for this ancient practice and her unwavering dedication to the well-being of all.

For an absolutely relaxed, informative, no-pressure conversation to share more details about how we can make your yoga teaching dreams a reality, CLICK HERE.

We can also give you a demonstration of the platform, and take you through one of the on-line studios.

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